Thursday, May 30, 2013

Band Announcement

When a bunch of us attended the big Irish Festivals conference in Michigan a few months ago, we saw some incredible music at the nightly showcases. One of my favorites has just signed on to join us at Irish Fest this year. Please welcome Burning Bridget Cleary to the KCIF family.

Anchored by the twin fiddles of Rose Baldino and Deirdre Lockman, Burning Bridget Cleary rocked the conference with a high energy show that we're pretty sure you're going to love. Check them out and tell your friends to add one more to their must-see list. They perform both Saturday and Sunday.

Irish Fest opens in 92 days!*

Oh, and the band's unusual name? Read about it here.

* The gestation period of a guinea pig. The animals are getting smaller and the fest is getting closer!


Anonymous said...

So far, not one non-KC band has been booked that I've seen before. But the good side to that is that I'll have time to check out new (to me) bands. Like this one. And hopefully this year I can actually manage to catch a set from Flannigan's Right Hook.

Anonymous said...

FRH is playing one show on Sunday. Check the schedule. As for all the bands you've never seen, buy a weekend pass and indulge yourself into some new music. You won't be disappointed. We promise*.

*Danny has agreed to buy you a round if you are.