Monday, April 15, 2013

Conference Time

Later this week a bunch of us Irish Festers are flying up to Muskegon, Michigan for the sort of annual conference of  People That Organize and Operate Events of Erin.

Okay, yes,  the organization is actually called the North American Irish and Celtic Festival Organizers Association but I think PTOOEE is a much better acronym than NAICFA. Why I wasn't put in charge of naming these things is beyond me.

Anyway, we're going up there, a bunch of us, to share and steal, to communicate and commiserate, to listen and laugh. This is a really great and enormously helpful gathering for people in our business and I guarantee that ideas will come home with us that will directly impact your festival experience here in Cowtown Labor Day weekend. We discuss everything from sponsor relations to festival layouts to children's activities to on-stage talent. We'll audition bands at nightly music showcases, too, one of the best things that go on at these things. The very best thing though is seeing so many great friends from Irish festivals across the US and Canada.

So I'll be checking in with you from up there and letting you know how things are going. Conference business begins Friday morning. I believe the bar opens Thursday evening. Stay tuned.

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