Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fiesta This Weekend

I arrived at work this morning to the familiar clang clang clang of tent poles hitting pavement that can only mean that a festival is going up on Crown Center Square. It ain't us. And it ain't the Germans, who apparently are still in hibernation with Oktoberfest (remember the trash those guys talked on us a few years ago?) So it can only be our Mexican hermanos y hermanas getting ready to launch the annual Fiesta Kansas City.

I love the Fiesta. Wouldn't miss it. In the past I've given you lots and lots and lots of reasons why you, Irish persons, should go, too. So go! You can even still get in free if you do it right. Just get there before 4:00 pm and jarabe tapatío right on through the gate, your tamale money safely stowed in your pocket. Even if you can't get there by 4:00, it's only five bucks and kids under 10 are free. Or buy a three day pass for a mere $12.

And ladies, this hombre will be performing there:

Still on the fence? Okay, two words: Margarita Cove. You're going now, aren't you? Thought so.

See you there, amigo.


elizabeth said...

Yay for Pablo! and a margarita cove. and Pablo.

elizabeth said...

My boy Pablo does not look like that picture anymore. I didn't see him in person but I saw pictures on the Star's website. Sad. :)