Monday, April 29, 2019

Battle of The Bands! Friday!

I think probably one of the most coveted jobs here at Irish Fest HQ is the one that me aul pal David Shaughnessy holds. He's the guy who books the bands that play at the fest. Oh sure, we have a lively and knowledgeable entertainment committee who provide input and Dave reports to a member of our board of directors who keep him honest. But ultimately, Dave's the man who either puts you on stage or doesn't.

Until now.

This coming Friday, May 3rd at the Kansas City Irish Center, it's your turn. Four bands/performers will take the stage. One will take home a contract. Your votes will decide. The event is free to attend and drinks will available for purchase. The battling bands are: Blame Not the Bard from Iowa, Barnacle Duggles from St. Louis, Stolen Apples from KC and Irish Aires from St. Louis.

Sadly for you and the world at large, I am disqualified from competing. Because my a cappella rendition of "Fields of Athenry" has been know to bring grown men to tears. While I won't be singing, I will be tending bar, so come see me. Show starts at 7:00 and rumor has it a couple special musical guests will perform as well.

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