Friday, March 15, 2019

But Number 1 In Your Heart

We'll be rolling out our soon-to-be-prize-winning float tomorrow at the beautiful Brookside parade and you should come see this thing. It's going to make you swell up with Irish pride or gas or something. We will be number 31 in the warm up parade. Then on Sunday, we're back at it as number 28 in the venerable Kansas City St. Patrick's Day parade. The weather both days looks lovely and lots of our lily-white Irish hides will be roasting in the rare sunshine. Maybe that's what will be making us swell up. Anyway it will be swell.

If you're a member of the Irish Fest staff or committee or, okay, even the board of directors, please put on your KCIF uni and come march with us. If you're an Irish Fest patron, please shout nice things to us as we roll by. If you've never heard of Irish Fest, please scratch your head and say "what's Irish Fest?" as we roll by.  It's going to be a grand weekend altogether.

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