Friday, May 03, 2019

False Advertising

Okay, well, I confess to be a little disappointed.

I was under the impression that tonight's Irish Fest Battle Of The Bands would involve angry musicians fencing with jagged, snapped-off guitar necks, bludgeoning each other with banjos, and deflecting fiddle bow blows with bodhran shields until only one band was left standing. You know, an actual battle of the bands. Turns out they're just going to be playing music.

Oh well. It's still going to be a great night. I hope to see you there. I'll be tending bar along with the lovely and talented Elizabeth Neal. As a test to see if anybody is actually reading this, the first person who mentions this post gets a pint on me. 

Show starts at 7:00 and admission is FREE! The Irish Center is at Linwood and Baltimore across from McGilley's funeral home...which is where I thought the vanquished bands would be carried. I really need to start paying attention at the meetings.

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