Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Shake Up In Leadership

It's with mixed emotions that we announce today that 2014 Kansas City Irish Fest president Craig Duke is stepping down from office and leaving the board of directors entirely, effective immediately.

Craig, as you may know, hails from Belfast and it was communication from that city that brought about this sudden turn of events. Craig, as it turns out, isn't just named Duke. He is a Duke. An actual Duke. To be specific, it has been brought to light that he is the 178th Grand Duke of Antrim, Down and Armagh and as such is heir to vast holdings in the North of Ireland, including a 96 room castle on the banks of the River Lagan, the surrounding 1700 hectare estate and its private herd of rare Irish elk, Europe's largest privately held collection of Neo-Primitivist art and a fortune estimated to exceed ₤14,000,000.

Grand Duke Duke will be returning to Belfast later this week to claim his birthright and while he will be missed here at Irish Fest we congratulate him and wish him all the best. Irish Fest VP Kevin Bundy will assume the duties of the presidency, such as they are.


Martha said...

I talked to Bono, and they are down for this year's festival!

Kevin Bundy said...

I'm what? I think I'm heading out of town with Duke.

Snug sister Carol said...

Ah Dan, ya missed one.. the Snug itself will be rechristened "the Snog" and will be focused on something else entirely aside from food, drink, a nice view (yeah whatever..). Ticket price is the same! Complimentary breath freshener!

We need volunteers, too...

Craig Duke said...

To all my Kansas City friends it is with with heavy heart that the news about my financial well being have been greatly exaggerated. In fact I ask you all to free yourselves of all those $$ in your pockets and forward it to me here at the blog so I afford to get me a computer hacker who can wipe that smirk off Dan Regans face because if I get one more phone call or email from another charity requesting a donation I will go insane. Some of these charities I have never heard of , "Bundy's Hotel for Wayward Teenage Girls," or the repeat requests from " help Arsenal buy a trophy" even with the supposed fortune I had inherited I would never have enough money for that!!!!!
Anyway Danny Regan, "paybacks are hell"