Wednesday, April 02, 2014

I Kid!

Well, by now you've probably figured out that yesterday's posts were largely fiction and written in the fun-loving spirit of yesterday's holiday, by which I mean of course the anniversary of the birth in 1886 of composer Casimir von Paszthory.

But in the midst of all that buffoonery, we did miss an actual thing yesterday. Yesterday marked 150 days until the opening of Irish Fest 2014, 150 days being as you know the gestation period of a sheep.

150 days! That's nothing! 150 days ago was the third of November and I don't know about you but my Halloween Jack O'Lanterns are still on the front step. 150 days is the blink of the proverbial eye, Paddy! I'm excited!!

Let's get in the mood with some 2014 Irish Fest music. 150 149 days to go! Here are Socks In The Frying Pan, followed by Full Set, two bands that Kelly and I brought back with us from Temple Bar TradFest in Dublin.

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Erin said...

i almost believed you.. and then I realized what day it was :)

Both of these bands are AWESOME. I really hope Mary and I can make it out this year!

Erin O