Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Contest News

Susan, our lovely Contest Queen, has announced a brand new competition for the 12th annual Kansas City Irish Fest that I think you'll love.

Can't bake, knit, brew or take a decent picture? No worries! You can still win great prizes at this year's fest as we kick off our inaugural Irish Yodeling Contest.

I know what you're thinking. "But Danny, isn't yodeling more of a Scandinavian/Nordic type thing?" Well, yes, but do a little research for a change and you'll find, like Susan did, that there's a long and storied history of Irish men and women yodel-ay-hee-hooing from the Connemara peaks to the Wicklow hills. As a matter of fact, the gold medalist in the 1932 International Yodeling Championships was Daithi Cullen, a Tipperary man. A pub in Bouladuff still bears his name and hosts the Irish National championships each spring. Yodeling is as Irish as potatoes and economic turmoil.

So warm up those vocal cords and enter! Contest sign ups will be open soon!

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