Tuesday, April 01, 2014

New Committee! New Services!

Some big news to share with you from high atop the Irish Fest Tower today. You long time fest-goers may remember our Site Hosts at Irish Fest. They were the gold-shirted ambassadors who helped our guests find their way around the grounds, helped carry strollers up the stairs in those pre-ramp days and generally served as the "face" of the fest.

Well, sadly the Site Hosts are no more but this year we're excited to announce our new Site Concierge committee.

Designed to be the single largest group of festival volunteers, we think that the Site Concierges will be a huge asset to your enjoyment of the weekend.

Here's how it will work: when you arrive at the gate, you'll be assigned you own Site Concierge, a bright-eyed, enthusiastic volunteer clad in in a green and white striped jersey and orange cap. He or she (sorry, you won't be able to pick the gender of you SC) will then be by your side throughout the weekend, helping you every step of the way. Need a beer? Send your SC! Can't finish that fish and chips? Your SC will help out! Need somebody to take Junior to the bounce castle while you head to the whiskey tasting? Look no further than your personal Site Concierge. Gotta pee? Your SC will show you to the nearest potty and wait for you with a moist towelette until you're done. And if the loo line is long, they'll hold your spot while you go catch a song or two by the great band on the Park Stage!  And all for the price of a regular single day ticket. And Snug members get two Concierges! Send one to the bar while the other rubs your aching feet! Now THAT'S a festival experience you won't get anywhere else! It's all part of our relentless effort to be the best fest anywhere.

PS...If you'd like to join this exciting team, Site Concierge volunteers sign-ups start next month. We need 100,000 people to make this happen, so tell your friends! Free t-shirt!

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