Thursday, February 06, 2014

Olympic Medal Count

The Winter Olympics start this week so once again we'll be keeping you updated on the Irish team's inevitable triumphs with our Irish Olympic medal count. Tir na Blog is the only place you need to go for Irish Olympic updates.

Regular readers will recall my numerous offers to host Irish gold medal boxer Katie Taylor at Irish Fest 2012, an offer which sadly Katie to date has chosen to ignore. As the cold weather games begin, I'd just to say: Katie, a stór, you're still welcome. Call me.

Now let's meet our 2014 Winter Olympians.

Representing Eire in snowboarding is young Seamus O'Connor hailing from that sunny part of extreme western Ireland, San Diego and currently residing in Park City, Utah. Sean Greenwood, Canadian born to a Galway girl, will compete in Skeleton. Corkman Jan Rossiter will carry the Tri-Color in cross-country skiing competition. Conor Lyne, England born to parents from Kerry and Limerick, is the green hope for gold in men's alpine skiing. And young Florence Bell, hailing from Birmingham but competing for her ancestral homeland will do the honors in the women's slalom and giant slalom events.

Opening ceremonies are tomorrow but qualifying in the Men's Slopestyle snowboarding took place today. Seamus O'Connor failed to qualify for the finals but has a second chance to do so on Saturday. So as of today, here's your medal count:


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