Thursday, August 02, 2012

Olympic Medal Count

So a week into the summer Olympic Games from London, the Irish medal count currently stands at...checking...hold, zero.

But, BUT, the Pride of Wicklow, Katie Taylor has yet to lace up the gloves. Katie will win the gold in women's boxing. Bet on it. And I'm personally inviting Katie to join us at this year's Kansas City Irish Fest after she does.

Katie darlin', you'll want for nothing while you're here as my VIP guest. I can even get you into The Snug (I know people). Just drop me a line. I know you're busy with your bouts coming up, so I won't expect to hear from you until late next week. Oh, and hey if you want to bring along Deirdre Ryan, she's welcome, too.

1 comment:

Snug sister Carol said...

I SO want this to happen! Come on Katie, we'll save you a spot!