Tuesday, January 21, 2014


This is the 4000th post here at Tir na Blog.

The official voice of the Kansas City Irish Fest, the blog was begun in May of 2005 by Liam Daly, then a member of the Irish Fest staff. He hung up the keyboard after less than a year, and I began writing the blog on March 7th, 2006 and with the the help of several occasional and wonderful guest bloggers, have been at the keyboard ever since.

That's a long time to be writing about just two and a half days out of 365, all year round and I'm pondering some changes here in the weeks and months leading up to Irish Fest. I'll keep you posted about that. In the meantime, as always thanks for reading all these nearly eight years. Thanks for all the comments through the years, even the occasional not-so-nice ones. And thanks Irish Fest for continuing to give me this bully pulpit which a knucklehead like me should clearly should not have access to.

Happy 4000th, Tir na Blog. Here's another number for you: Irish Fest opens in just 220 days!


Snug sister carol said...

Danny, it's been an extreme pleasure to read and enjoy these posts (4,000 - no kidding!??). You have enlightened and informed, brightened days and even made us lol, and all those other acronyms for such. You're a funny, talented guy (and a fair-to-middlin' brother). Hope you're having fun in Dublin! buy me something.

martha said...

I'm with you nearly every day, Danny!

Anonymous said...

Where's the 4001st post?