Friday, April 12, 2013

Winter Takes A Bow

Kansas City weather in April is a big tease. After a few glorious days in the 70's, front porch beer evenings and kids chasing bubbles and baseballs in the front yard, winter came back to slap us upside the head like an angry drunk at last call. If there's one good thing about it–and there is only one–it's that it makes tonight's event at the Irish Center seem appropriately named.

WinterFest takes its last belated bow at the Center tonight, after having been postponed due to snow last month. Tonight the joint will be rockin' with Flannigan's Right Hook* and dancers from Céilí at the Crossroads. The show starts at 6:30 and it's only $5, bring the kids for free. It's brought to you by Pete Browne and his crew at Kissick Construction and the KC Neighborhood Tourism Development Fund.

Head down there and give winter the shove out the door that it so richly deserves. Questions? Call lovely Nancy or ravishing Renata at 816-474-3848.

*Due to a scheduling conflict, Shane Borth will not appear at the Irish Center show.

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