Monday, March 11, 2013

Band Announcement 3/10

Happy Sunday! Are you enjoying your weekend, which this being Sunday, it clearly still is? Here's your Sunday band announcement, here on Sunday, the day after Saturday. Read it before you go to Mass, since this is after all Sunday.

In spite of what Mrs. Bloggy might tell you, today's band is not named after me. Please give a warm Irish Fest welcome to Clumsy Lovers.

Clumsy Lovers in two words? I'm going to go with Genre Bending. They call it a "mix of fiddle and banjo-fuelled, bluegrassified Celtic rock" but those Canadians can be so verbose, can't they?

If you're looking for a living, breathing, rocking example of how Celtic traditions have and continue to influence, mold and yes, improve music on this side of the Atlantic, listen to this energetic quintet. 

Think this is going to be a fun show? I think so too.

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