Monday, September 24, 2012

Smoked Shamrocks

And you thought Irish Festers were only good at throwing the best party in the city.

Irish Fest's crack barbequing team, captained by John Hayes and Matt O'Callaghan medaled this weekend in the annual Smoking N Waldo BBQ contest, their ribs taking the silver in the heated competition. Their chicken narrowly missed with a 4th place finish. My favorite, the pulled pork, by all rights should have been declared unilaterally  to be the  best food on the planet, but sadly was not, due I can only imagine to a fit of temporary insanity by the judges.

Congrats to the lads and thanks for a great party. If there's a better way to spend an evening than drinking beer and eating smoked meat with friends around a warm fire on a crisp fall night, I don't know about it.

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Cami Travis-Groves said...

Wooo hoooo! Congrats boys! I'm not at all surprised you did so well!