Tuesday, September 25, 2012

We're As Good As Silver

Last weekend the annual IFEA conference was held in Denver. IFEA stands for "International Festivals & Events Association" and also for "I'm For Eating Anything" and "It's Funny Every August."  But it's that first one we're concerning ourselves with today. The IFEA at their conference gives out these trophies called Pinnacle Awards to all the best festival stuff, from t-shirt designs to TV ads to brochures. Pretty much anything you can think of that goes into the promotion of an event like Irish Fest. We never entered anything in this competition, mainly because they charge you an entry fee and we're cheap. What we normally do is take the money that we would have spent on entering contests and just buy ourselves some trophies with inscriptions like "Best Looking Staff at a Festival" or "Most Improved Smell" or "Festival League Jello Wrestling Champion." But this time we actually entered. I don't know exactly what we entered or how many pieces, but what do you know, we got some non-home-made trophies!

We got the silver for Best Event Website and silver for Best Ad Series, which I'm pretty sure referred to our billboards last year. They break down the entries by total festival annual budget. Hooray for us!

We might have to enter again next time. Maybe just in the "Best Use of A Cow" category. We'll be a mortal lock.

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