Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Exception

Long time readers will recall that I used to spend a lot of time here wishing various and sundry Irish Fest staffers a happy birthday on or near the appropriate day. I stopped, but not for lack of fond feelings toward my coworkers. For one, there are so many of us now, who can keep track of them all, and missed mentions mean hurt feelings. For two, the damnable Facebook has cheapened online birthday wishes to the point of worthlessness, making them an instant automated obligation. (I realize that I may be alone both in my disdain for FB and in that sentiment.) For three, people other than Irish Fest staffers read this screed every once in awhile and how many of you really care that Sean from the artists' grape-peeling committee turned 37 today*?

But once in awhile exceptions must be made, like today. Because one of our festival founders and past presidents, Ed Scanlon, celebrates the Beatles-made-milestone 64th today.

Though Ed has retired from official service to the fest, there's still no harder working man in show biz and he continues to influence your fest experience for good behind the scenes, whether you know it or not. So whether you know Ed or not, I hope you'll join me in wishing him a happy 64th. We still need him, we'll still feed him, we'll even still buy him the occasional Middleton's when he's 64. Have a great day, Colonel.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the very kind thoughts,you are true friend. Also thank you for using a rather old photo that still has some hair on the top.

I'm headed home tonight to a "birthday greeting bottle of wine"

KCIF is really part of my family.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Ed! Thanks for all that you've done to contribute to KCIF!