Friday, August 17, 2012

Guest Post From Shawn Sullivan, KCIF Kids Queen

Reminiscing Irish Fest

The Children's area never got opened that first year of Irish Fest and the opening of it headed down the river in the flood. I remember Uncle Bloggy took me to Crown Center to talk about the new venue and what the Children's Area should be.

 Frankly, the board was 150% committed to the idea of a Children's Area, but didn't have a clue as to the success of attracting young guests to the Fest. I think the words I remember from Uncle Bloggy were, " We are a Family Fest", but we didn't know what that was for the children outside the terrific music each year.

That first year, Hallmark gave us help from Kaleidoscope, we got a hold of one really excellent FacePainter. And we made coloring sheets and a few games. We were in a 10 x 20 tent in a spot on the street where we leaned a little. Nobody minded and Sunday when we shut down, I got the numbers that we entertained and in that small little tent, 6100 guests.

The Irish Fest Committee and Board were absolutely overwhelmed, personally, I was in shock for almost a month when I started planning the next fest.

10 years later after a no opening and an incredible first year, the Children's area has two Villages, one on the Terrace and one in the Park. Both areas have Face Painting.

We will have 8 Painters, 2 Glitter Tattoo Artists, and 2 Henna Painters on board this year. And as a special addition, the Face Painting area in the Park will be open until 11 PM for the teens and young people and those of us who remember being young and love to have Henna, Painting and Glitter (I will have one of each). We have a teen area this year, complete with Guitar Hero, a wonderful DJ, and rock climbing. The park for the young folks has Oddball Kids, a bubble tent, and lots of bouncies.

The terrace is equipped with an exciting stage schedule, Bingo, Wackalaylees and Mr and Mrs Irish Potato Head crafts. We need volunteers, we love teens ages 15 and above to help us and accumulate service hours. So, join us as a guest, a volunteer, I promise lots of smiles.

Shawn Resident Irish Fairy

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