Wednesday, May 09, 2012


Tomorrow the well-oiled machine that is the Irish Fest merchandise committee is meeting to begin planning the t-shirts, caps, souvenirs and whatnot that we'll offer for sale to you, the general public over Irish Fest weekend.

As the merch designer, I'll be at that meeting so you have a golden opportunity here to tell us directly: what would you like to see? Any special 10th anniversary items? Less of something we've had in the past? More of something we've neglected? Did somebody say halter tops?

Let me know if you have ideas.


Anonymous said...

Tube Tops

Anonymous said...

V-neck women's shirts

Dan Regan said...

No on the tube tops, yes on the v-necks for women!

Claire said...

Ditto - v-neck womens t-shirts in a women's cut and lighter weight cotton, please. Not that I'm picky or anything... :)