Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ship Shape

Remember that one movie? About that big boat, and it sank and that one girl who got her picture drawn? And she was naked? And her boyfriend got all froze and then he sunk too? That was awesome.

Kate Winslet, who was in that movie recently said in an interview on the occasion of the film's re-release in 3D that her favorite scene to both make and watch was the dance in steerage with all the Irish passengers when the band Gaelic Storm was playing music. If that's your favorite scene too, and you'd like to relive those happy memories, here's the perfect chance.

April 12, the 100th anniversary of the Titanic leaving port in Ireland, Steve Twigger and Patrick Murphy of the aforementioned Gaelic Storm will provide the lively entertainment at A Titanic Evening: This Time The Irish Go First Class, a fund raiser for the Kansas City Irish Center. Here's the evening:

6:00 pm – Cocktails and a private viewing of the Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition, Bank of America Grand Gallery

7:45 pm – Dinner, Stillwell Room at Union StationPresentation of the John J. Sullivan, Jr. Foundation 2012 Humanitarian Award to John and Marny Sherman

Entertainment – “Old Songs and Old Stories with Gaelic Storm”.

This is a very limited-space black tie event so if you want to go, call Nancy or Renata at Irish Center right now, 816-474-3848 for details . Then brush off the aul tux and get ready to go first class. If you attended the Q and A with Gaelic Storm I had the pleasure of hosting at Irish Fest last year, you know we're in for a great, hysterically funny, musical evening. Don't miss this. And don't miss Gaelic Storm at Irish Fest Labor Day weekend.

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Jody said...

This would be amazing. The $250 price tag + hotel, not so much. Some days it just doesn't make sense that we are too far away for the fun. :)