Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Irish Festivals Conference 2012

The North American Irish Festivals Organizers Conference (just rolls of the tongue, doesn't it?) takes place this weekend in Dublin, Ohio. Festival bigwigs from all over the continent will convene to trade stories, ideas and secrets about the interesting and thrill packed world of putting on a festival like ours. These pow-wows are held every year and a half and sadly, this will be the very first one that I'm not able to attend. So you won't be getting my fascinating missives on the latest trends in port-a-potty placement and souvenir shot glass design from the field this year. I know. But dry those tears, kids. All is not lost. Your Kansas City Irish Fest will be ably represented by 4 of our finest and two of them have been recruited to send us reports from the summit on the Scioto river.  KCIF board member John Hayes and board president Laren Mahoney have kindly offered to keep in touch when sobriety levels allow. Their fellow travelers Keli O'Neill Wenzel and Davey Colgan apparently don't care enough about you or your need to know what's being discusses to write in. Either that or I forgot to ask them. Either way, John and Laren will be giving us the lowdown and I'm sure it will have us on the edge of our seats. Stay tuned...

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