Monday, March 26, 2012

Changes At Home

The month of March here in Cowtown came in like a lamb and is going out like an even nicer lamb, maybe one wearing a little straw bonnet with flowers around the brim.  I took a stroll around Irish Fest's beautiful Crown Center home a few minutes ago on a glorious late March day, and there's a lot going on. You won't recognize the place when you get here for Irish Fest in 158 days. The biggest and most obvious addition is the huge canopied entrance to the new aquarium and the new Legoland. Picture where the Heritage area and stage were last year. Now look south. Here's what you see today:
The Miller Lite Stage VIP area is getting a face lift, too, with the old crumbling concrete being pulled up and replaced. You'll want to be up there when it's done, so get in touch with Keli today and become a sponsor.
An event that always warms my little Irish heart, the skating rink has melted away and its space under the big, weird shaped tent will soon be filled with the Miller Lite Stage.
When you're here to watch Gaelic Storm on the Miller Lite Stage Labor Day weekend, that long grassy lawn you'll spread your blanket on will be all new beneath you. The enormous concrete tub is being repaired, will be re-filled with dirt and re-sodded before you get here. Here's what it looks like today:
If you're on the fence about planning to spend Irish Fest weekend in Kansas City, this is the year to jump off that fence. With the addition of the aquarium and Legoland, the new Sheraton Crown Center hotel and all our 10th anniversary festivities, this the year you'll want to be here all weekend long.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of hotels, when can we start to book for the fest? #likestoplanahead

Jody said...

I booked my room at the Sheraton last week. They have discounted rates in effect.