Friday, December 02, 2011

Room At The Inn

When you get here for Irish Fest next year, don't think you're going to be staying at the Hyatt like you usually do. Forget it, man. It's over.

Amazingly though, it has nothing to do with your questionable behavior this year and that stunt you pulled in the lobby fountain at 4:00 AM Sunday morning. No you can stay in the same building, but as of yesterday the Hyatt Regency Crown Center is no more. The Sheraton Crown Center now joins the Westin as an Irish Fest anchor hotel. And with $18 million in upgrades and improvements at the two hotels scheduled, your Irish Fest hotel experience is going to be better than ever.

So please, for Pete's sake, try to behave yourself, will ya? They're still cleaning up after you from this year's fest.

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Anonymous said...

I hear they are still going over that you room Bloggy with a CSI black light?