Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Democracy, Irish Style

Remember at Irish Fest when you saw that one band and you said to that guy next to you "they are so good, they should win some kind of award for outstanding music!" and then how you said "I like your fancy shoes!" and he looked at you funny and moved away real quick? Okay, forget that last part. But that first, yes, YES you're right! An award! And now in your own little way you can bestow that award on your favorite Irish performer by voting in the Irish Music Association Awards!

It's easy. Just go here and vote. Better yet, join the association as I have. Member votes get more juice so it will almost be like you're actually handing them the award on stage. Past KCIF performers nominated this year include Cara, Cormac de Barra, Q & Q Bachand, Gaelic Storm, Máirtín de Cógáin, McPeake, Slide and Teada.

Voting closes January 12, so time is limited. Cast your vote now and be heard!


Rolf Wagels said...

Hey Dan! Don't forget Cara in the best new Irish CD section!

Dan Regan said...

Oops! Of course, one of my all time favorites-Cara! Thanks for the correction Rolf. Hope you're all doing well.

Rolf Wagels said...

Thanks Dan!
All well here, apart from the storms :-)
Congrats to another great Irish Fest, btw, I heard only good stories!
All the best to the team!