Monday, March 02, 2009

Dance Fever

Hey Twinkletoes. It's March at long last and that means the coming of one of Kansas City's best St. Patrick's Day traditions. The St. Pat's Senior Ball. This is the event put on by the O'Neill brothers in memory of their dad, K.C. parade co-founder Pat O'Neill, Sr. Some 200 seniors, most of them women, attend the ball in the Redemptorist School gymnasium and a live big band, refreshments and door prizes are featured. So they've got all that. What they don't have, in spite of there being seven of those O'Neill boys, is enough dance partners for those ladies.

You don't have to be Fred Astaire or Michael Flatly here. I attend the ball most every year and I can tell you minimal dancing skills are required. I mean, if they'll let me do it, you should be a shoe-in. If you can stand upright, you'll have no problems.

The Ball is at 211 West Linwood on Thursday, March 12 from 1-3 p.m. Please spread the word and we'll see you there.

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