Sunday, March 01, 2009

In Like A Lion

Happy March. Here's how my St. Patrick's Month started in the wee hours of this morning: I had a dream that it was the 17th, St. Patrick's morning. I was walking with K.C. Irish Fest executive director Keli O'Neill Wenzel to the designated staging area for the fest entry in the big parade. She asked me how everything had turned out for our float and I realized...I hadn't done anything. No banners, no decorations, no nothing that I was supposed to have done as official float designer. I was scrambling around for markers and blank cardboard when I mercifully woke up.

Yikes. I better get to work.


Mary Alice said...

That is like the dreams that I have at least weekly about the festival: I didn't get my HORSE to be able to get around the grounds, I don't have an ID and no one will let me in, it's
Sunday night and I'm just getting to the festival and it's almost all over!

Anonymous said...

in the words of Father Doogle McGuire "dream. Reality I get those sort of things confused." everything will be ok Mary Alice. A horse?

Anonymous said...

How about Dougal?
Unless you're actually referring to "Doogle Howser, M.D." But even then you'd still be wrong.)

Sunshine said...

I just had a dream that I was standing in the staging area getting the last division to go down the route (and it was getting dark outside - apparently the parade is at night in my dreams) and suddenly realized I never sent the honorary division down the route (including myself and my co-chiar). It was actually a much longer and funier dream but I feel for happens to me all the time! :-)