Monday, March 02, 2009

Happy Birthday Rory!

Irish Fest director Rory O'Connor is 86 or 87 years old today and don't we all wish him the best on his special day. When Rory was born by candlelight in that little stone cottage in Ireland all those years ago, who could have known that after sailing over on the HMS Gigantic (the Titanic's lesser known but more buoyant sister ship) with only a cardboard suitcase, a tin cup and a potato that he'd grow up to be vice president of one of the largest Irish festivals in the country. Not me, but then I wasn't around back then.

If you'd like to wish Rory a happy birthday in person, he's reported to be seen on rare occasions in The Gaf on Wornall Road, still drinking out of that same tin cup he brought over. The potato, sad to report , has gone to its rest.

Happy birthday Mr. Vice President!
Mr. O'Connor Takes Issue

To: Dan Regan
Re: Your malicicous blathering

Dear Mr Regan.

My great grandson is typing this message in response to your slanderous post on a Blog (whatever that is) I would like to point out that I had far more than a cardboard suitcase, potato and tin cup when I arrived. You have obviously forgotten the when Joe and Rose Kennedy invited me over it was to help straighten out their son Jack. A fella could not be showing up in Brookline, Massachusetts with such meager possessions.

I had a leather suitcase and in it the finest collection of books ever gathered in one suitcase and of course a big stick. How else was Jack going to learn anything the poor lad had ADD (but we did not call it that then) and he also had a penchant for thinking with the wrong head. Anyway given the fine job I did sorting him out I am outraged that you neglected my efforts in your post.

Rory O'Connor

I stand corrected, and my apologies to the entire O'Connor family. Future blatherings will be less malicious, though no less blatherings. DR


Anonymous said...

Lá breithe shona duit a Rory!


Anonymous said...

He told us he swam over to America..

Barney Walsh said...

Last time I saw Rory, he was crowd surfing the mosh pit at the Flogging Molly concert. Moves pretty well for 87.

Happy birthday Rory! Next time we're at the Gaf, beers are on Danny.


Anonymous said...

'At the end of the day' will still be older than me. Ha.

Happy Birthday!


Mary Alice said...

Happy birthday Rory. I think I've seen you carry that suitcase into thr Gaf.

Sunshine said...

Happy Birthday Rory! There is no one I enjoy arguing with more! :-)