Saturday, September 01, 2007

Day One in The Books

This is my 13th Irish Fest in Kansas City, counting the Brookside and Westport events. I used to be able to be on my feet until 2:00 and bound out of bed at 6:00 and be back on the site ready for action at 7:00.

Those days are gone, my friends. I feel every one of those 13 years this morning. But back at it we are, in just two hours. It was an absolutely fantastic, record-breaking day yesterday here in Crown Center. I hope you were able to be here to enjoy it with us. A spacial thanks to all the great people I met from all over the country who had kind things to say about the blog and ol' Uncle Bloggy. I hope to meet more of you today.

A couple small items before you head down here. Please remember: you may not bring a cooler, a picnic basket or a provisions-laden yak into Irish Fest. Please remember too, bring those kids! I saw so many happy kids yesterday and the bigger, better Children's Area is really a wonder. Makes me wish I was a kid again, although then I guess none of my pants would fit.

If you've been writing the info@ kcirishfest e-mail and response times have been slow, please forgive us. We're all on limited and scarce computer time this weekend. We're doing the best we can.

And lastly, please remember as you come in, during your visit, and as you head for home tonight to be nice to your fellow Festies. We're expecting record crowds today and tonight and we want everybody to have a good time.

Looking forward to seeing you all. Back to work!


norita_taylor said...

I miss the Westport days, any chance of a "mini" Irish fest there?

Colm Delahunt said...

Dan and Company you guys have done an A1 job. Myself, Joan and Kids enjoyed ourselves and to finish it off a dip in the fountains was the highlight, back for more Tommorrow

Lobo said...

This year was me first. You young fellas put together a top knocth fest, for all the goodies and even some baddies. Never the less and always the best.

Thanks be to you, and may your fest be as great as mine.