Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ten Don't-Miss Things This Year At Irish Fest, Part 2

Remember these opinions are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Kansas City Irish Fest, it's directors or staff. Though they ought to.

2. The History Of Irish Rock exhibit. A few years ago, I and some of my fellow Kansas City Irish Fest directors had the opportunity to visit the John J. Ward Irish Music Archive in Milwaukee. It's an amazing place. The history of Irish and Irish American music is presented through fascinating displays of artifacts, photographs, sheet music and recordings. Barry Stapleton and Ed Ward of the Archive will once again bring us a piece of that great collection for 2007, this time focusing on Irish rock and roll, a genre well represented on our stages this year by bands such as The Young Dubliners, The Saw Doctors and The Elders. Don't miss this great opportunity. Take some time Irish Fest weekend to head into the air conditioned comfort of the Crown Center atrium and educate yourself. The display will be located just inside the Grand Avenue entrance to Crown Center to your right.

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The Wild Clover Band said...

I had the opportunity to see this exhibit at the Colorado Irish Fest this year. Great exhibit! I encourage all to check it out!