Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ed Said # 16

President Ed Scanlon has a special edition of Ed Said today as he welcomes a new grandson.
Aiden James West son of Molly Scanlon and Ryan West was born about 30 days early on August 20th at 2:38PM. He is tipping the scales at a healthy 6 pounds even. He has red hair and that goes well with his name that mean fire. How appropriate for the son of two fire fighters. It is very clear that Aiden was making sure to be here in time for Irish Festival. Smart kid, who wants to miss Irish Fest.


KCIF KIDS said...

Congratulations to the entire Scanlon/West Families! Michael, you will be the BEST in big brothers!

Anonymous said...

He's precious, Molly & Ryan (& all the rest of your proud families!)!! Really, though - there have to be MUCH easier ways to get out of the first aid tent gig than rushing out a baby! ;)

BTW, I love the name Aiden! Now, do you happen to have an unused girl's name to share, since *we* can't seem to settle on anything? :)

Sheri Heath

Anonymous said...

Sheri, you can stop by the Heritage tent at the festival. I have both Irish boys and girls names along with there meanings. You might be able to find a name there.
Aiden's grandmother