Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Count Down

Ten days to go.

Since I've been asked this more than a few times in recent days, for these last ten days I'll give you my completely biased, totally subjective list of my Ten Don't-Miss Things This Year At Irish Fest. There are a thousand people that work for Irish Fest in some capacity or another and you'd get a thousand different lists if you asked them. This is mine, in no particular order, one day at a time. Take it or leave it.

Today's Don't Miss:

1. The Elders. I live in Kansas City and that means I'm lucky enough to get to see Ian, Steve, Norm, Brent, Tommy and Joe fairly regularly. Maybe you live here and have that same opportunity. Not that you ever get tired of seeing the boys play, because it's always great. But when you know there's always another show in a few weeks, you get a little lazy, a little complacent. "Ah sure, I'll see 'em next time." But I'll tell you, there's something magic about the Elders at Irish Fest and I wouldn't miss it. Call it home field advantage. They generate enough energy on the Irish Fest stages to power our new Ferris Wheel. I was on stage with the boys last year during the "boys vs. girls" sing-off during their song Ten Pound Ear Hole. I've never experienced anything like the noise and the the power coming from the crowd. It's like a wave. You can feel the air pressure changing and the electricity building. If you've experienced it too, you know what I mean. If you haven't, put one of the Elders performances on your top Kansas City Irish Fest top 10 list.

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Shaughnessy said...

The one thing I will not miss at this years festival is vendor Barry Hendrickson's photograhs of Ireland. Pretty amazing!