Tuesday, August 14, 2007


This heat is miserable, I don't have to tell you. 100º again today in Kansas City. Just dreadful. The Irish weren't built for this kind of blast-furnace climate. God willing, by Irish Fest weekend we'll be on the downhill side of a slide into cool autumn. But on the off chance it's still hot, we couldn't be in a better place in town than Crown Center for Irish Fest.

Your stroll from the Hyatt is through an air conditioned elevated walkway. We have lots of tents in which to escape the late summer sun. By some aerodynamic quirk, the arrangement of tall buildings surrounding us, instead of creating a dead air space, fosters a near constant breeze through the square. There's a street level fountain that kids (and some of their chaperones) splash around in all summer. Of course, the Crown Center atrium, home of our Sheridan's Atrium Stage and our Ward Irish Music Archive exhibit space are indoors and cool as a cucumber. And should you be in need of a cool drink, Sarah and her beverage crew have bars everywhere you turn.

I'm quite sure that we're in for sunny temps in the 80's Irish Fest weekend. But just in case I'm wrong, we've got you covered. Literally.

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