Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hotels Sold Out! Boo! New Hotel Offers Deal! Yay!

Our two anchor hotels (I wonder why we call them that?) The Westin and The Sheraton at Crown Center are 100% sold out for Irish Fest weekend, proving that old adage "if you snooze you lose." Or in the past tense, "if you snost, you lost."

However, all is not snost...uh, lost. Enter the Mariott, literally and figuratively. The Mariott Downtown, a lovely hotel just 1.7 miles from the front gate of Irish Fest, is offering a special Fest rate of  $126, and like the rooms at the Westin and Sheraton that you waited too late to get, includes two Irish Fest tickets. Ask for the Irish Fest rate when you call. And call you should, because what have we learned, Paddy Procrastinator? Hotels. Sell. Out. And you are not staying at my house.

Mariott Downtown, 200 W 12th St Kansas City, MO 64105. (816) 421-6800

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