Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Grants Open

Here's a joke I made up: What would you call it if Irish Fest gave a cash award for the study of redheads in Irish history? A Ginger Grant! Get it? Ginger Grant? The movie star from Gilligan's Island? Ha ha! I kill me.

Well, our grant advisory board may not go for that particular concept, but as of right this minute we are accepting applications for 2014 Kansas City Irish Fest Grants. Money may be awarded to both qualified individuals and 501c3 organizations. You can get all the details on eligibility on the Grants page of our website. Applications will be accepted until September 30th and successful grant recipients will be notified in early December.

Sadly for me, Irish Fest staff and directors aren't eligible so I'll have to find alternate funding for my research project "Kansas City's Irish Pubs: Which Pours the Best Pint of Stout and Which Will Give Dan Regan The Most Free Research Samples?" Maybe Kickstarter! That potato salad fella got 55 grand! Who's in??

Live your Irish dream...and let us help pay for it. Apply today!

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