Thursday, July 10, 2014

Patty's Plans

Speaking of the Snug...

My sainted Irish mother Patty McCunniff Regan had a birthday yesterday. She turned–I don't think she'd mind me telling you–89 years old. Now to some of you, that might bring to mind visions of nursing homes and rocking chairs. You might think of 89 years and think of dottering old shawlies in their twilight. To you I'd say: you don't know my mother. She wears all of us out.

So when yer auld wan's birthday rolled around, my siblings and I quickly decided against getting her a quilt or a hot water bottle or a jig-saw puzzle. No, we bought her a full weekend Kansas City Irish Fest Snug membership. And the children of her old college buddy and Irish Fest partner-in-crime Lois usually do the same thing so the two of them could ramble on Labor Day weekend together, because God knows none of us can keep up with her.

Mom and Lois will spend Irish Fest weekend in the very lap of luxury in The Snug, with a private bar, comfy sofas, catered food and a zero bathroom lines, among many other amenities. They've earned it. Now you may not have a passel of children to foot the bill for your Snug membership, but you can still drink beer with my mom all weekend, and the cost is reasonable too. Just $75 for Friday– only $50 if 4 or more of you buy together, $100 for Saturday or Sunday, $250 for the Patty Regan Weekend Package. Drinks, food, commemorative pint glasses, stage view and more. Partying with Mom: priceless and no extra charge.

Put this on your bucket list: spend Irish Fest weekend with my Mom. You'll never have a better time, I guarantee it. Here's how to do it.

Happy birthday, Mom.


Melanie Bowman said...

Very cool present for one of the coolest people we know!

Happy Birthday and a snug full of love,

The Bowmans

Martha said...

I STILL want to grow up to be Pat Regan! Happy birthday!

Martha Kiley

Katie Hunt said...

We are so excited to spend the weekend on the couch with your mom! You know, we WON tickets to The Snug at last years Irish Fest (everyone should really enter that contest or raffle or whatever it was) & we are exceptionally excited for the Fest this year b/c of the cushy surroundings in store for us.
A bonus for us that we'll get to spend it with Patty Regan - any mom named Pat is a favorite in our book. If she's anything like our own Pat Walsh, we'll have to get our tolerance up to hang with her. Cheers!