Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Group Snug

The Snug at Irish Fest is a pretty special place. Want to sit on a comfy couch and watch Gaelic Storm on the Boulevard Stage? Unless you carry in your own couch, The Snug is the only place that's going to happen. Want to stroll up and get a beer at Irish Fest's busiest time, with no waiting, no lines, no fuss? Likewise a potty trip? Never a problem in The Snug. Want your meals included, along with a commemorative pint glass, door prizes and a chance to hobnob with Irish Fest performers? Snuggle up, buddy. Want my sisters to be really nice to you? Personally, I have no idea what that's like, but Snug members do–because the place is run by two of that gang of six.

Now. Want all that at a discount? Done. Get three (or more) of your friends to buy tickets together and make it a party and you'll all save big on your Friday night (only) membership. Big, like a normal $75 membership drops to $50 when you buy in groups of four or more. Sweet deal, right? Why would you not do that?

Call the gang and get that Group Snug started. And remember, the Snug has limited space so don't don't wait. Here's where you buy.

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Snug sister Carol said...

Hey, thanks Danny for getting the word out! Yup, we are going to kick off this party grand-like on Friday! Come join us!