Tuesday, August 06, 2013

We Banjo 3

August last year I was up at the quaint little Milwaukee Irish Fest. I usually go up for the festival up there, to see old friends and colleagues and also to steal ideas and scout bands. At the 2012 Milwaukee Fest I was blown away–along with 100,000 other people–by the band We Banjo 3, who were making their US Irish festival debut. I came home, CD in hand and started in on my fellow entertainment committee members like a preacher at a tent revival. "We gotta get these guys" says I. "They're gonna be huge" says I. "Stop using words like "gotta" and "gonna", you sound like an idiot" says they.

Well they, being wise and smart, agreed and We Banjo 3 will be here in 24 days to make believers out of you, too. And this month they're featured on the cover of Irish Music magazine. Check it out. And check them out at Irish Fest. Just a whisper more than 3 weeks away.

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