Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Uncle Davey Wants you To Vote!

We all know that Irish Fest is the best thing KC has to offer (followed closely by the mighty Royals! Go Blue!). Now you can help tell the world by voting for us in the Kansas City Visitors Choice Awards. (One small detail, these being the Visitors Choice Award if you live here you can't vote. You vote in the Resident's Choice Awards by coming to Irish Fest and buying a ticket.) If you live outside the metro area, we need you to cast your ballot for us!

We're nominated in three, count 'em, three categories: Favorite Family Festival, Favorite Ethnic Festival and Favorite Music Festival. And we want them all. For that matter, when you fill out your ballot there's a write in space so you could also pencil us in for Favorite Live Music Venue, Favorite Kids Attraction, Best Of Kansas City and wherever else you think we might fit. Use your imagination!

Voting ends September 5th and one you lucky out of towners will win a great KC prize package including stuff like a hotel stay, gift cards, passes to local attractions and more. So make Davey proud! If you have friends out of town who love Irish Fest too, tell them! Vote for Irish Fest, early and often!


Brenna Briggs said...

Happy to have raved about your Kansas City Irish Fest. It's great!
Brenna Briggs

Anonymous said...

You got my votes!