Thursday, June 27, 2013

Witty Knitting

My cousin Diarmuid Regan in Roonah sent me this picture of himself in his new jumper and old chicken and it got me thinking about reminding you about the Irish Fest contests, one of which is knitting and one of which is not chicken holding.

If you're a knitter it's a hat you're to make for this year, not a jumper but you're still free to be inspired by Diarmuid here in all his Aran glory. If yarn isn't your thing, fear not. We also have competitions in brewing stout, baking scones and taking pictures along the theme of "Kiss me, I'm Irish." Great prizes awarded in each and entering is free.  And if you're like me and have no discernible talent or skill whatsoever you can still win in our annual raffle or buy a pull-tab ticket! Both will be available at Irish Fest.

Get all the details and contest entry forms here.

Oh, and ladies...he's single and owns his own tractor.

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