Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mother Tongue

If you've longed to throw off your verbal shackles, to free yourself from the linguistic confines of the language of the oppressor, to fully embrace your Irishness by learning the lilting tongue that your forebears whispered across the bogs and still whisper to you across the very mists of time, have we got a weekend for you.

Listen, it's hot as hell outside, so why not spend the weekend at the cool and comfy Irish Center? It's Irish Language Immersion Weekend and you're very welcome no matter what  your fluency, from rank beginners to seasoned vets.

As instructor/facilitator Renata Rua says, "anybody who attends the weekend could then parade around Irish Fest showing off and saying things like “tá mé leis an banna” or “uabhar ceilteach i gCathair na mBó” or “an gceapann tú go mbeidh sé ag cuir báisteach?” etc.

Want to know what she's talking about? Here you go.

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