Friday, June 07, 2013

Be a Scot

Regular readers will know that I often tease our Scottish brethren because: A. I don't care what you call them, they are too skirts and B. Irish pipes sound like angels sighing. Scottish pipes sound like weasels in labor. (Both of these are solely my opinions and are not necessarily but probably the opinions of the Kansas City Irish Fest, its directors and staff.)

Regular readers will also know that I'm only kidding the Scots because because A. I love those crazy Highland bastards and B. Any guy who can throw telephones poles and giant boulders for fun could probably turn me in to haggis without a lot of trouble.

The Scots gather this weekend and I think you and all your friends should go the Kansas City Scottish Highland Games and, as they say "Be a Scot, Even if You're Not." There'll be the aforementioned heavy thing tossing along with other traditional Highland sports, handmade crafts, Scottish heritage and culture and some really great music from the likes of The Tosspints, The Waxies, Needfire, Cutthroat Shamrock, our buddy Bob Reeder and more. There's stuff for the kids, too.

It all takes place on the banks of the beautiful Missouri River at E.H. Young Park in Riverside. The festival runs this evening through Sunday. Here's a tip: when you go on Saturday, mention "code KSH" at the gate and save $2 on your admission. Do NOT mention my name at the gate, or you may be asked to participate in the new "Patron Toss" game.

Support our friends from the other side of the Northwest Channel. See you there.

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