Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Back In The Saddle


I've been away for awhile due to a death in the family. My cousin Tom McCunniff passed away suddenly and unexpectedly at his home in Texas. I say cousin because biologically that's what he was, the son of my mother's brother. But having grown up around the corner from Tommy, he felt more like an older brother. My youngest son Thomas McCunniff Regan (of Irish Guitar Hero fame) is named for him. His loss is a huge one for the entire McCunniff clan, as evidenced by the turn out at his memorial: there was a lunch for close family only before the service. There were 77 of us. I'd have to pay to get that much family at my funeral. Or serve beer.

I wasn't planning on mentioning any of this here when I started typing this morning, but since I did, I'll try to put an Irish Fest spin on it in order to justify my public navel gazing. Get your family together before it happens at a funeral. I'm not trying to be maudlin, but how long has it been? Too long, that's how long. So book a family reunion and hey, why not do it at Irish Fest? We can give you the space, the entertainment, the tables and chairs, everything but the assorted aunts, the gaggle of grandparents, the sampling of siblings and the dozens of cousins.

Irish Fest and the Irish are all about family. Gather yours and come celebrate with us. Get all the details on how to make it happen here.

Tommy, I'll miss you.


Anonymous said...

Sorry for your loss but that was a good Irish fest segue.

Anonymous said...

So sorry for your loss Dan.