Friday, May 24, 2013

Did Your Heart Grow Fonder?

I've been away for a bit, as you may have noticed. First of all I've been as busy as a bartender at an Irish Fest meeting getting ready for our sister festival, the very silly Jiggle Jam going on at Crown Center beginning tomorrow. I hope to see you all there, jiggling and jamming as appropriate.

Then I was out of town driving to New York to fetch my oldest boy back from his institute of higher learning. But I'm back and I missed you all. So hi.

And listen: remember when I told you about that big Mundy show going on next month and Knucklehead's Saloon? Remember how I told you that seats were limited and you better get on it? Well, I was informed this morning that only 9 seats remain. Nine. If you haven't bought yours, I'd advise you to do it today.

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