Monday, April 01, 2013

Now That's What We Call Recycling

For years now, Irish Fest has striven to be green in more than just our t-shirts, flags, and face painting. We've been an industry leader in recycling thousands of pounds of plastic and glass bottles, cups, paper and cardboard. Now for 2013 we're taking the next giant step in our efforts to be the most "green" festival around.

We call it Celtic Compost and here's how it works. Bring your recently deceased friend or family member (or one who you don't expect to make it through the weekend) to Irish Fest. Not only will they be admitted free, but when the weekend's done you'll be able to leave them behind to become a vital part of our new shamrock garden. Details are still being worked out with the Kansas City Health and Parks departments and The Missouri state board of funeral directors and embalmers, but we're confident that we can address their small concerns.

Imagine the warm feeling you'll have for years to come as you stand in the beer line looking across the verdant field of green, knowing that old Uncle Sean is quite literally part of it.

More details coming soon, so check back.

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