Monday, April 01, 2013

New For The Youngsters

Shawn Sullivan Warner and her great crew in the Irish Fest Children's Area never cease to amaze us with the innovative and fun things they come up with to keep our younger patrons entertained Labor Day weekend, and they've got a great one for our upcoming 11th fest.

While the bands are playing below, high above the big Miller Lite Stage tent will be the brand new Sullivan Skateboard Space. Neither the fastest fiddler nor the most fleet-footed dancer will have anything on your boys and girls as they "Ollie" and "Fakie" across the broad tent top! And even though no one over 16 will be allowed in the skate park, we know that you parents have some fancy moves, too! So just in case mom and dad might be tempted to "call their lawyer" and "sue the pants off us", their signature on a twelve page indemnity waiver will be required before their young shredder can ride. Fun!

The new Sullivan Skateboard Space is just another way that we never stop trying to make your Irish Fest the best one ever!

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