Thursday, April 25, 2013

Middle Of The (Irish) Map

At Kansas City's Middle of The Map Festival on May 3rd and 4th, The Frames: In The Deep Shade will be shown and I'm thinking you, Irish music fan, should check it out.

In The Deep Shade is a series of vignettes and interviews with the Irish band The Frames. It explores their status as musicians and artists who have been creating music together for over 20 years. Their relationships are observed as they interact onstage as musicians and off stage as a tight knit family. Their approach to playing music is discussed and inter-cut with live concert footage showing this legendary Irish band close up and personal. Beautifully filmed by photographer Conor Masterson using ultra fast prime lenses ideal for low light, the live performance and fly on the wall documentary footage captures every detail. The film is a poetic and visceral experience of a dynamic live band led by Glen Hansard.
It's only the third US stop for the film, so count your blessings and buy your ticket.

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