Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day?

Well, I feel stupid. I completely forgot that today is Earth Day, which is embarrassing because I've spent a great deal of time on Earth and have enjoyed it very much, especially the parts with air conditioning and refrigerators. And also because we were just talking at the conference in Michigan this weekend about how we all ought to try to run "green" festivals which means not green in an Irish way, but that instead of taking a bunch of trash and throwing it in a dump you should probably burn it all up so it takes up less space by turning into smoke and floating away from the Earth, thus saving it. I could be wrong on that, so double check.

I do know this though: at the Kansas City Irish Fest, we give loads of our trash to our crack Recycling Team, which is headed by my friend Natalie Smith. When Irish Fest is over she takes it somewhere where they "recycle" it, which as you know means they turn it into bicycles which are also good for Earth. That's the circle of life right there, buddy.

That recycling team, like Natalie her own self, is made up 100% volunteers, and you can be one of them. Volunteer registration opens in just a few weeks, so get ready.

Happy Earth Day! If you're on Earth later, maybe I'll run into you.

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