Monday, April 22, 2013

Band Announcement

Saturday night after we'd finished the day's business in Muskegon and stopped at the hospitality suite for a beverage or two, we crossed the street for dinner and the second of our musical showcases. The first act of the night took the stage and we settled in.

I was sitting with fellow KCIF attendees Craig Duke, Davey Colgan and Steve Dilks during most of the performance of that first musician. Entertainment committee chair Dave Shaughnessy was somewhere else in the big room but we wanted to make sure he was hearing what we were. I texted him:

"Four big thumbs up from Davey, Craig, Steve and me."

He responded immediately:

"Yes. He's gonna get signed tonight."

I'm happy to tell you that the conversation we began with that singer after his set that night has born fruit and you'll get to see what we saw. I bet you'll like it as much as we did.  Joining at Irish Fest this year, Ian Gould.

The Belfast-born Gould is a guitar virtuoso, a singer of songs both traditional and original and an engaging stage presence. We're excited that we'll be able to bring him here this year. Irish Fest opens in 130 days!

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Cami Travis-Groves said...

Yay! More Northern Ireland talent!