Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Contest! Whoo Hoo!

After the great Dance Out For Jane fund raiser last Friday, we're all full of the spirit of giving, full of generosity, full of affection for our Irish community. We're full of...well, let's just never mind what we're all full of. The point is we want to give you something. So let's have a contest!

Here's the deal. Take a look at the cartoon below. Write a funny caption for it. Sent it to me by clicking here or enter on our Facebook page. The best, funniest, cleverest two entries chosen by our expert judges* win a copy of the Kansas City Irish Fest 10th Anniversary CD and a pair of tickets to the special showing of "The Frames: In The Deep Shade" at the Middle Of The Map festival this weekend. Enter as often as you like. The deadline for entries is Thursday, May 2nd at noon. Our two winners will be announced here and on Facebook. Reminder: the film tickets are for showings this coming Friday and Saturday evenings.

Get funny! Win!
*Expert judges=me and Laren.


Boone said...

"Do you guys accept intergalactic passes?"


"I'm Green!?"

Anonymous said...

Do you have a currency converter?

Anonymous said...

"Wow, free?? Are they grilled or fried?"

...said the greatest cartoon captionist ever.